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Ex Pat Divorce

Ex Pat Divorce

Relocating abroad can be a very unsettling experience. It can be hugely stressful to find a new home, settle children in a new school, cope with a new culture and adjust to new jobs. Often these tasks must be accomplished without the usual support of family and close friends.  These factors can often take their toll on marriage.

What is involved?

If you are living outside the UK but have a connection with England and Wales and are contemplating divorce our specialist family solicitors can guide you through the challenges and issues that can sometimes arise, including: -

  • Deciding whether England and Wales is the right divorce jurisdiction for you;
  • The location of assets abroad;
  • The transfer of money or assets overseas;
  • Enforcing orders overseas;
  • Child relocation;
  • Geographical differences and differing time zones

Why we are different?

We are experts in divorce and family law cases with an international element.  We take great care to guide our clients through the process to achieve the best outcome for them.

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