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The Matrimonial Pot - a Loan or a Gift?

  • Posted

The Matrimonial Pot - a Loan or a Gift? A common question that often arises when dealing with financial aspects of a divorce is whether money and/or assets given to a married couple (individually or together) by a third party prior to, at the outset or...

You can run but you can't hide: Financial Proceedings upon Divorce

  • Posted

  Sometimes, you come across a spouse that thinks that he can pull the wool over the Judge’s eyes by deflating and/or trying to hide their true financial position in order to defeat the other party’s potential financial claims. However,...

The "Meal Ticket" Divorce Ruling

  • Posted

A recent ruling by the High Court may have established a precedent that could lead to the courts taking a less generous approach when dealing with spousal maintenance in divorce settlements. The ruling was made in the case of Waggott v Waggott. Mrs....

Diamonds are forever... Or are they?

  • Posted

A question that we are often asked by clients is what will happen to their jewellery in their divorce settlement. Items of jewellery are often valuable monetary assets and may also have sentimental value, especially when they are family heirlooms. Back in...

The gloves are off!

  • Posted

The fight is on between Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom over his £25m fortune after it was recently announced that they have decided to separate. T he question is how much of Amir’s fortune will Faryal get and whether it could it be...

Where's my half?

  • Posted

Hot on the heels of the Sharp and Sharp decision is the case published today. After twenty years of marriage, Mrs Hart was convinced that she was entitled to half of Mr and Mrs Hart’s £9.4m fortune so much so that she appealed against the...

Departure from Equal Sharing Principle in Short Marriages

  • Posted

A landmark case has departed from the long standing position in divorce cases whereby a 50:50 split of assets is taken as the default starting point for settlement.   Julie Sharp took her case to the Court of Appeal where a previous ruling...

Pension sharing orders on the rise when divorce rates are falling?

  • Posted

A pension can be one of the more valuable assets to a marriage especially in a long running marriage when payments into a pension fund have been made over a number of years. Before the law changed to allow pension funds to be shared between spouses, we were...

Home Maker vs. Wage Earner

  • Posted

Whilst society nowadays has departed from the traditional set up of the stay at home wife and the husband as the breadwinner the courts still recognise these traditional roles and most importantly do not discriminate against either role. Whether the spouse...

Beware! The Remarriage Trap!

  • Posted

If you ever decide to tie the knot again after a divorce, you may really be putting the past behind you. Respondent parties who have not filed a cross-petition in divorce proceedings should beware of the “Remarriage Trap”. Broadly, unless the...

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