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Priorities for the President of the Family Division

Andrea Chrysostomou
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Sir Andrew McFarlane set out several of his priorities for the remainder of his term at the FLBA National Conference in Manchester.   The Future of Remote Hearings:   Sir Andrew McFarlane stated that, moving forward, it is not in his...

Delays in the Family Courts

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Senior family court Judge for the south-west HHJ Stephen Wildblood has commented on how the family courts are being filled up by private law cases that should not require court involvement    He noted examples of these types of cases which he has...

London Legal Walk

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The London Legal Support Trust is an independent charity that raises funds for free legal services in London & the South East. Last year a record breaking 15,000 people took part and raised over £870,000! Due to Covid-19 and following government...

Proposals to reform wedding law

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The law commission has commenced a consultation to consider provisional proposals to reform the law on where and how couples can marry. This follows the law commission’s comments that the current laws are outdated and unnecessarily restrictive. As...

Judge removed from case following comments overheard on Zoom

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A family Judge was overheard making ‘highly critical’ remarks about the mother’s honesty in a case concerning a 16-month-old boy.  Mrs Justice Judd had been overseeing a private hearing in the family division of the High Court ....

Business "Almost" as Usual

Christina Pieri
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Hi everyone, I am Christina Pieri, a Director at Chapman Pieri Solicitors. Karen Chapman is my Co-Director. How are you all keeping and coping during these extraordinary times? Fortunately, Karen, foresaw (way before me) just how big and fast the...

Legal Bloggers to Report on Family Proceedings

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  From the 1st October, certain “legal bloggers” will be allowed to attend family court hearings to report on family proceedings. The pilot scheme will be led by the Ministry of Justice and the judiciary and will run for 9 months....

Through Sickness and in Health

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It was revealed this week that a bad marriage can lead to negative physical health effects in couples. A research group of psychologists from the universities of Nevada and Michigan studied 373 heterosexual couples for the first sixteen years of marriage. ...

Ant McPartlin files for divorce... but has he got talent?

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Ant McPartlin of Ant and Dec fame is getting divorced from his wife Lisa after an 11-year marriage. As one half of the nation’s favorite double act the news has unsurprisingly been a hot topic in the tabloids with speculation as to just how much his...

Egytian woman seeks divorce over housework

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A 28 year old woman in Egypt referred to as Samar M has filed for divorce because her husband of 2 weeks does all the housework - cooking, cleaning, sweeping and the laundry. Speaking to Egyptian news website Masrawy, Samar M said that her husband “is...

Trouble in Paradise for Woman who Married Herself

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Following on from Marion Foley’s recent blog post on Sologamy – the growing trend of people marrying themselves – it seems that being true to oneself is not without its temptations!!! Sophie Turner decided to marry herself back in May 2015...

Divorce - Is it part of your DNA?

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According to a team of American and Swedish researchers, your risk of divorcing could have a genetic link.  Research has shown that divorces tend to run in families, with children of divorced parents more likely to end up divorced in comparison to...

With this ring I thee wed....... myself!

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Sologamy or self-marriage is reported to be a growing wedding trend for those who have haven’t found their Mr or Mrs Right and have chosen to marry themselves. The press recently reported on an Italian fitness instructor who decided to marry herself...

How crass is it to ask for money on your wedding day?

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A bride posting on the Mumsnet website has been blasted for asking if it is alright to ask guests for money as a wedding gift.  The posting led to a flurry of responses, some very strong, both for and against the idea.  So, what’s de rigueur...

Scout leaders hunt for marriage certificate left in taxi

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A newly married couple in Oxford are on a city wide hunt for their marriage certificate which has been lost in the back of a taxi! The scout leaders - Rebecca Lord and Richard Butler – found themselves desperately contacting every taxi firm in the...

Let's Celebrate!!!

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In January of this year I celebrated 20 years as a family law solicitor and I mean celebrated because I remain as fulfilled by my job twenty years on as when I first started out as a trainee at a local firm in Edmonton.   My training was a baptism...