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With this ring I thee wed....... myself!

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Sologamy or self-marriage is reported to be a growing wedding trend for those who have haven’t found their Mr or Mrs Right and have chosen to marry themselves.

The press recently reported on an Italian fitness instructor who decided to marry herself in a lavish wedding ceremony filled with bridesmaids, food and festivities. When her twelve-year relationship came to an end she vowed to marry herself if she did not find her ideal partner by the age of 40 and that’s what she did!

So what is Sologamy? It’s defined as the act of marrying oneself and is said to have originated in the US in 1993 when Linda Baker added a wedding to her 40th Birthday celebration. 

The dating game has changed beyond recognition. It’s all about dating apps these days and swiping left or right. In my day, you waited for the tap on the shoulder in the club at the end of the night as the music slowed down hoping to turn and stare into the eyes of the man of your dreams.  After a slow shuffle around the floor, numbers were exchanged - real ones with those you liked -  fake ones with those who didn’t look quite as good once the lights came on leading to a hasty retreat towards the exit for a portion of chips or a kebab on the way home. Remember those days?

Seated at our 1980’s telephone table or beside your brick mobile phone (showing my age now!) us girls waited nervously for “the call” to arrange the first date. I was lucky enough to have met my match at a young age but I do wonder what will it be like for my daughter when she comes of dating age? I imagine myself as the ultra-modern mother warmly welcoming suitors into our home, talking about the latest releases and never loitering with intent outside the bedroom.  I am kidding myself, right?

So, can Sologamy replace happy coupledom? Only time will tell if the trend takes off.  On the plus side there’s no need to come to Chapman and Pieri for a pre-nuptial agreement! You keep the lot! Oh, and you get the bed all to yourself, eat when and what you want and take control over the TV.  Is it starting to look appealing? I admire what it stands for. A commitment to be true to yourself, to love and cherish oneself.  Whether it’s you or another human you are marrying, a wedding is always a good excuse to bring your nearest and dearest together in celebration of their love for you. That’s not such a bad thing, is it?