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Hi everyone, I am Christina Pieri, a Director at Chapman Pieri Solicitors. Karen Chapman is my Co-Director.

How are you all keeping and coping during these extraordinary times?

Fortunately, Karen, foresaw (way before me) just how big and fast the Covid-19 pandemic was going to hit us and with that in mind, and in order to protect our staff and clients, we asked our solicitors to work remotely long before the government’s announcement.

Whilst our physical office is closed, our office manager, Anna-Maria Bozovic, (who happens to be my lovely daughter!) is taking phone calls and dealing with all the post and admin work and supporting our solicitors albeit remotely. So it's business as usual for us dealing with our current cases and taking on new clients and enquiries.

We therefore continue to offer a fixed fee initial consultations for £75 plus VAT of £15 = £90 via Skype; Zoom or even FaceTime if that work for you. Last week, I had an initial consultation via whatsapp which was absolutely fine. We have all conducted meetings in this way and I am happy to report that those meetings have been successful. In any event, it really is not that unusual to only meet your solicitor once or at most, a handful of times throughout your matter. Even before Covid-19, our cases are managed via email and telephone and we pride ourselves with excellent Client Care Service – as they say, don’t just take our word for it, have a quick look at testimonials from some of our previous client’s by clicking on the below link; -

On a personal note, and perhaps like a few of you, I know a number of people who have been affected by Covid-19, with a good friend losing his life because of this horrendous virus and my heart goes out to his family. I cannot stress enough how much we are all so grateful to our wonderful NHS, all 999 staff, carers etc. who are the real heroes. It does somewhat put into perspective, the unimportance of celebrity.

For now, I wish you well and please do get in touch if you need to speak to one of our solicitors via telephone on 0208-882-9850, Monday – Friday, 10am -4pm or alternatively, please send us an email;

The good news is that we all seem to have come together, if not physically, then certainly spiritually and emotionally. We have discovered a lot of small businesses who deliver all sorts to your front door, businesses which we ordinarily would not have engaged with and I am sure that we will continue supporting them long after the lock down. 

Remember to keep your distance if you have to go out and please Stay Safe.