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Trouble in Paradise for Woman who Married Herself

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Following on from Marion Foley’s recent blog post on Sologamy – the growing trend of people marrying themselves – it seems that being true to oneself is not without its temptations!!!

Sophie Turner decided to marry herself back in May 2015 on the rebound from a bad breakup.  50 family and friends joined Sophie at the service which took place at Brighton’s Unitarian Church where Sophie’s father gave her away to the love of her life - herself.

However, in a shocking twist of fate that not even Psychic Sally could have predicted, Sophie was unfaithful to herself and enjoyed a five month fling with Ruari Barrett who, after their break up went on to marry himself. Appearing on ‘This Morning’ Sophie admitted that she and herself did not have a perfect relationship.

Advocates of Sologamy (which is not legally recognised) argue that it is a celebration of “self-love”, “self-compassion” “self-care” and singledom. As one Sologamist Erika Anderson put it as “an act of defiance”, rejecting the myth that ‘You are not enough if you are not with someone else’ but are there negative connotations to Sologamy?

Whilst independence and self-reliance are invaluable life skills and as the saying goes “you’re born alone and you die alone”, some may argue that it’s a little far-fetched and perhaps more to do with our members of our society’s narcistic preoccupation (think selfies) than any kind of “self-care” practice. Whilst it all sounds like good fun, isn’t this the type of behaviour we would expect to see from one of the Kardashian clan? Is this really a celebration of “singlehood” or is it just an excuse to be the centre of attention? No says Sophie, Sologamy “doesn’t mean you’re rejecting all other meaningful relationships in your life and becoming a nun forever more. It means you’re rejecting bad relationships”.

The big question on everyone’s lips is whether Sophie has what it takes to mend her relationship and make the marriage work or is she off to her lawyer to fight with herself over the wedding presents!