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Child Abduction

Child Abduction

One of the difficulties that international families face is where children should live when a relationship breaks down.

If your child has been abducted or you suspect they are in danger of being abducted from England and Wales, our experienced family law solicitors can help you protect or recover your child and provide practical guidance and support on the steps you need to take.  It is essential that you seek immediate legal advice.


  • If you fear that your child is about to be taken from this country then the following urgent steps may be considered:-
  • A prohibited steps order to prevent the removal of a child from the country;
  • A residence order in favour of the parent with care determining where your child should live;
  • An application for your child to be made a ward of court;
  • An all sea and air port alert where there is a risk of imminent removal from the country;
  • Contact with the local police and the Police National Ports Office;
  • An order for the surrender of passports and any relevant travel documents;

We can assist you by carrying out the steps on your behalf immediately

Where your child has already been abducted

If your child has already been abducted and it is too late to take preventative measures, the steps to be taken will depend upon the countries involved and whether the EU rules and/or Hague Convention on Child Abduction applies.  There are also agreements in place between England and other non-convention countries regarding child abduction.

If it is necessary we can make applications to court to search and locate a child and seek disclosure of any relevant information and records from third parties including family, Government agencies, foreign embassies, banks, airlines and telephone and internet records.

A request can be made to have the child returned to his or her home country.  If the EU rules or Hague Convention does not apply then it may still be possible to request your child’s return through the courts of the foreign country.  We can help you identify a specialist lawyer in that jurisdiction and liaise with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for you.

Why we are different

If your child has been abducted or you believe they are at risk, we understand the distress and anxiety this can cause.  We will act calmly and speedily to ensure the immediate protection or return of your child.

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