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Advice During or After Mediation

Advice During or After Mediation

If you are going through a process of mediation with an external mediation service, you may be advised to seek independent legal advice during the mediation process.  This might be because you have reached an impasse on a particular issue, or perhaps the mediator has identified an area where one or both of you need additional advice and support.  

If a settlement is agreed, most mediation services place ultimate responsibility for approving settlement terms on parties’ solicitors and if the arrangements need to be converted into a legally binding contract or court order you will require an experienced family solicitor to draft the relevant paperwork.

Why we are different?

We have supported many clients during the mediation process by providing expert guidance, support and ideas to help resolve or narrow differences and give our clients greater confidence in their ability to participate in a process of mediation.  If there is a stalemate on a particular issue which is blocking settlement, we can advise on the issue and explain to you the parameters a court may order and the likely costs involved if the matter went to court, to help weigh up your options, without losing sight of the commitment you have made to try and resolve matters by agreement.  We can provide you with ideas that you may take with you to your next mediation session to help break the deadlock. 

We have many years experience advising on mediation settlements and turning them into legally binding arrangements, although we will explain clearly if the proposed settlement is inequitable and unfair to you.

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