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The advancement of fertility treatment and social change combined mean that assisted conception has given many parents the option to embark upon alternative ways of building families.

Our fertility solicitors can offer expert advice and support to fertility patients, lesbian couples, gay dads, solo parents and families built through donor conception, co-parenting and IVF.  We are passionate about helping parents understand the law and do all they can to protect their families.

Donor conception and Co-parenting

If you are considering donor conception or co-parenting it is essential to seek advice at an early stage to understand the legal status of the intended parents and donor in relation to a child. We can also explain the legal position in respect of your donor conceived child’s rights to access information.

Our specialist lawyers can provide advice and support including:-

  • Advice to help you understand the options available and the practical and legal issues you will need to consider;
  • If you are solo parents proceeding with artificial insemination but are still married or in a civil partnership we can advise you upon the steps you need to take to protect against future disputes;
  • Advising parents and donors of their legal status in connection with a child;
  • Prepare pre-conception agreements, whether donor agreements or co-parenting agreements to provide a secure framework for all partners entering into an arrangement from the outset with the aim of minimising any possible future disputes;
  • Acquiring legal status for non-birth mothers in a same sex relationship;
  • Advising whether the biological father is the legal father depending upon the circumstances of the conception;
  • Where there is a known sperm donor, we can advise on disputes which may arise in relation to the role the biological father plays.  Advising and representing lesbian and solo mothers in dispute with a donor as well as representing co-parent fathers seeking greater involvement;
  • Where there is a known donor we can advise in connection with obligations to pay child support and financial support for children and represent sperm donors defending their financial position;
  • We can explain the law relating to the access of information by a child conceived through a UK licensed clinic in relation to their donor and any donor conceived genetic siblings.

Fertility Treatment Law

We can advise you upon the regulation of fertility treatment in the UK, and explain the law relating to treatment and storage for gametes and embryos and advise you in relation to embryo and gametes disputes.

Why we are different

We can advise you on this specialised area of law in a sensitive and supportive manner.  Contact us to arrange a meeting in confidence to consider your options.

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