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Do You Know About The Changes To The State Pension?

  • Posted

Were you aware that as from 6 April 2016 there will be changes to the state pension? If you already claim state pension or will do so before 6 April 2016, you won’t be affected by the changes but those who reach state pension age on or after 6 April...

The Labour Party's Pledge To Review Child Maintenance

  • Posted

With the general election coming up on 7th May 2015, the parties are doing all that they can to try and secure the votes. In a bid to try and win over single parents, the Labour Party has recently announced that they will carry out a review of the Child...

Ex-Wife Granted Permission To Appeal Divorce Settlement

  • Posted

Alison Sharland, aged 46, has been granted permission to appeal the Court of Appeal’s decision to uphold her divorce settlement after her ex-husband was found to have concealed the true value of his Company. Ms Sharland received £10.355 million...

Child Maintenance: Agree Or Pay

  • Posted

The Department for Work and Pensions has sent tens of thousands of letters this week to single parents informing them of the Government’s plans to introduce a number of charges for using the Child Maintenance Service. The Child Maintenance Service is...

Poker Player's Winnings Are Not Earnings For The Purposes Of Child Maintenance, Court Of Appeal Rules

  • Posted

After a four year dispute, the Court of Appeal has ruled that a professional poker player and former stockbroker, Tony Hakki, does not have to pay child maintenance because his winnings are not “earnings from gainful employment”. Devrise Blair,...

Pension Sharing Orders On Divorce Are Underused, New Research Suggests

  • Posted

A study published by Cardiff Law School has revealed that a low number of Pension Sharing Orders are being made on divorce. The study made the following findings, in addition to many others: In 20% of the court file cases surveyed, neither party disclosed...

What's yours is mine... Or is it?

  • Posted

On divorce, the Court must take into account ‘all of the circumstances of the case’ in addition to a number of factors when deciding how the matrimonial assets should be split. This means that where a married couple have entered into a prenuptial...

Getting a divorce - What should you be thinking about?

  • Posted

Going through a divorce is a stressful time for anyone. Taking the first step to make the decision to file for a divorce itself is hard enough, let alone then having to deal with the process and the financial aspects of the marriage. What practical steps...

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