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Relationship counselling can save relationships, new research suggests

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A research report published by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in January 2014 suggests that relationship counselling can save relationships.

The study was based on the following relationship intervention methods:

1. Marriage Preparation; a course designed for couples thinking of marrying or entering into a long term relationship.

2. Let’s Stick Together; a relationship education session.

3. Couple Counselling; designed for couples encountering relationship problems.

The research concluded after interviewing users of these methods that all three had some sort of positive influence in terms of couples’ well-being, communication with one another and relationship quality. However, couple counselling in particular was found to significantly improve relationships on all three levels.

It can be argued that a greater understanding of the support mechanisms in place for couples and a greater shift in the attitudes towards counselling would result in more couples using the services that are offered. But would this really make a difference in terms of couples splitting up? After all, it is rarely the case that couples separate without doing all that they can to try to save their relationship first.