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Doctor Foster - How Not to Parent After Parting

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The finale of Doctor Foster is almost upon us and after four weeks of plot twists and bombshells series 2 is about to reach its climatic end………..

Did Gemma kill Simon?

What did Simon tell Tom about his mum?

Why did Gemma dissolve her wedding rings and what has happened to the 4 syringes?

Where has James gone?

Has Kate left for good?

More importantly, will there be a third series!

In all of the drama and antics, we can’t help feeling for poor old Tom, son of Gemma and Simon. We’ve seen him be lied to, manipulated, and used as a pawn in a game of revenge between his parents.  They couldn’t be a better example of how not to parent after parting.

At times of family difficulty it is easy for adults to forget what it is like to be a child, distracted as they may be by feelings of hurt and fear about the future.

There are lots of resources available to parents to provide, help, support and advice to avoid a “Gemma and Simon” situation.  Conflict is damaging, especially conflict happening between the two people your children love best in the world.  Coming to see a family solicitor is not all about issuing proceedings, far from it.  A specialist family solicitor, can help parent’s access such resources, help you understand the legal position, give valuable reassurance, insight and perspective from a more objective viewpoint and help to establish a realistic framework for future child arrangements.