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Welcome to our blog. We regularly blog about family law and education law and welcome your comments on our posts. For advice on any of the issues raised please do not hesitate to contact us here at Chapman Pieri Solicitors on 0208 882 9850. Enjoy reading!

Proposals to reform wedding law

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The law commission has commenced a consultation to consider provisional proposals to reform the law on where and how couples can marry. This follows the law commission’s comments that the current laws are outdated and unnecessarily restrictive. As...

Innovative Approach to Evidence taken in Care Case

  • Posted

In an unusual approach, a mother contesting a local authority care order was permitted to type her answers to written questions in ‘real time’ from the witness box which were read out loud to the Court.   Furthermore, the mother was...

Judge removed from case following comments overheard on Zoom

  • Posted

A family Judge was overheard making ‘highly critical’ remarks about the mother’s honesty in a case concerning a 16-month-old boy.  Mrs Justice Judd had been overseeing a private hearing in the family division of the High Court ....

Business "Almost" as Usual

Christina Pieri
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Hi everyone, I am Christina Pieri, a Director at Chapman Pieri Solicitors. Karen Chapman is my Co-Director. How are you all keeping and coping during these extraordinary times? Fortunately, Karen, foresaw (way before me) just how big and fast the...

Guidance for Separated Parents during UK lockdown

Rene Panayiotou
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Whilst Boris Johnson has announced a 3-week lockdown in the UK, there is uncertainty surrounding how long this quarantine period will actually last given that confirmed cases of COVID 19 continue to rise. As of Sunday 29 th March 2020, the Prime Minister,...

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