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The Make or Break Summer Holiday!

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At Chapman Pieri Solicitors we have seen a pattern emerging of an increase in new divorce enquiries in the month of September once the kids have gone back to school. We have found that generally, there is a decrease in the amount of divorce enquiries that we receive during the summer months and an uplift during the month of September and have wondered what sparks the decision to see a solicitor?

The summer period is often a time to enjoy a much needed break and to spend more time together with your loved ones. A summer holiday is an event which you most look forward to over the year and you want it to be perfect. It is an expense that can take a big chunk out of your income and you and your partner may be anxious to try and ensure that everyone is happy.

There is hope that a summer holiday will bring a couple closer together. However, for many, a summer holiday is approached with trepidation. For some couples, a summer holiday is a last attempt to try and make their relationship work. Couples who have already experienced cracks in their relationship may find that spending more time together leads to those cracks amplifying themselves and they may be forced to face reality that they are no longer happy within their relationship. The pressure of a summer holiday, work and childcare commitments during the summer months often proves too much for many couples who already have tensions in their relationships.

The summer can be a testing time and once September comes around and the kids have gone back to school, this is when you may sit down and reflect on your relationship. The fall out can be huge leading to disappointment and heartache as one or both of you comes to terms with the thought that your relationship is coming to an end or is over.

And so, in September, we see an increase in the number of new divorce enquiries coming through the door. Many clients just want some initial advice to take away with them before making the final decision is made to divorce. Others are ready to get going.

Here at Chapman Pieri Solicitors, we specialise in all aspects of family law including divorce, the financial aspects of divorce and the arrangements for any children. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team on 0208 882 9850 to arrange a no-obligation fixed fee initial consultation. We are running a promotion for the month of September and are offering our divorce services for a fixed fee of £500 plus VAT = £600 provided that the divorce is straightforward and undefended. You can find further information about our services by visiting our new website at