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Too old to have a baby? No says leading mid-wife...

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It is reported that during the last decade or so, more women than ever have been focussing on their careers and have been leaving trying for their first baby until their 40s. Nowadays, it is not always possible for couples to start a family as early as they may have hoped because of the financial commitments involved.

A leading mid-wife, Cathy Warwick, has spoken out and has commented that there is a relatively small risk of mothers over 40 and/or their babies suffering severe complications. She has reassured women that they should not be scared of being older mothers. Her concerns appear to centre upon fertility and women over 40 finding it more difficult to conceive.

Over the years that I have worked as a paralegal, a trainee and now a fully qualified solicitor I have come across more and more families settling down and starting a family later in life. What I have found is that couples who have held off having children because of their careers do experience a shock when they are suddenly faced with juggling work commitments and childcare and this can often result in tensions building in relationships.

It is really important that couples who are planning on having a baby sit down together, talk through their expectations of one another and formulate a childcare plan. It may not always make financial sense for both parties to return to work because of the costs of childcare if there are no family/friends to assist but this does not mean that the “stay at home” parent is any less important than the parent who goes to work. Upon divorce, both roles are generally valued equally.