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A New Baby for the Royal Family!

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Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who announced yesterday that they are expecting their third child – a brother or sister to Prince George 4 and Princess Charlotte 2.

When my husband and I decided to start a family, it was by far the biggest commitment that we made to each other – more so than getting married. We took very seriously the responsibility of bringing a child into the world and making sure that we could offer our child a secure, stable and happy life. Some children are not lucky enough to have that and are born into a family where there is already conflict.

We were fortunate to have a solid relationship before our daughter arrived which is so important because, as all parents out there will know, there are times when your relationship is tested especially in the “baby” period when you are deprived of sleep and there is little time to devote to each other.  

For some couples, the decision to have children is made at a time when the relationship is not as strong as it should be and it is hoped that the arrival of a child will revitalise the relationship. However, strains in the relationship can be deepened when children come along because there is less time to be with each other in between the rounds of feeding, winding and nappies!!! When you think you have turned a corner, a new round of challenges come along as your baby finds its feet, and goes for anything that he or she can get in their mouth to scare the life out of you!!!  Then comes the trials of school, homework, hobbies ……..and the list goes on.

If there are already cracks in the relationship but love still exists and you want to start a family together, it can help to speak to a couple counsellor to help you understand and overcome the issues that are between you.  If concerns run deeper, you are concerned that a relationship may not survive and you want to understand how a separation may affect you financially and practically pre or post children, it might be worth your while getting some initial advice from a solicitor. At Chapman Pieri we offer a no obligation fixed fee consultation.