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Rene Panayiotou

You can run but you can't hide: Financial Proceedings upon Divorce

  • Posted

Sometimes, you come across a spouse that thinks that he can pull the wool over the Judge’s eyes by deflating and/or trying to hide their true financial position in order to defeat the other party’s potential financial claims. However,...

No Fault Based Divorce

  • Posted

Why should you have to blame the other party just to prove to the Court that your marriage is over in order to obtain a divorce? Currently, there is one ground for divorce in England and Wales and that is; the marriage has broken down irretrievably. A...

How Quickie is your Divorce?

  • Posted

A couple of weeks ago Ryan Griggs was granted a divorce from his wife Michelle. The press described it as a “quickie divorce” but what does this mean in reality? The description leaves you with the impression that because Ryan Giggs is a...

The Practicalities Of An Online Divorce

  • Posted

In a recent article published by the Guardian, one of the most senior family Judges in England and Wales, Sir James Munby proposed that the divorce process should become an online process to avoid the administrative delay of processing divorce applications...

Home Maker vs. Wage Earner

  • Posted

Whilst society nowadays has departed from the traditional set up of the stay at home wife and the husband as the breadwinner the courts still recognise these traditional roles and most importantly do not discriminate against either role. Whether the spouse...

Adultery and Divorce Proceedings

  • Posted

In the jurisdiction of England and Wales, there is only one ground for divorce, the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage. If you are petitioning for divorce, you must rely on one of five possible facts to prove the irretrievable breakdown, one being...

Beware! The Remarriage Trap!

  • Posted

If you ever decide to tie the knot again after a divorce, you may really be putting the past behind you. Respondent parties who have not filed a cross-petition in divorce proceedings should beware of the “Remarriage Trap”. Broadly, unless the...