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Fixed Fee Divorce

Fixed Fee Divorce

We charge a fixed price of £750 plus VAT for an undefended divorce/civil partnership dissolution, giving you the reassurance of knowing that you will keep control of your legal costs whilst your case is taken care of from start to finish by our family law specialists.  

If you are the person commencing the divorce process, it is not uncommon to encounter some resistance to divorce at the outset, after all parties to a marriage will come to accept its breakdown at different times.  A fully defended divorce is very unusual. For our fixed price divorce, your case will be treated as “undefended” if your spouse responds to the petition, confirming his or her agreement to the divorce by completing and returning an acknowledgement of service form, having received it by post from the court.  In any other situation, we will provide clear costs estimates based on the likely timescales and work involved.

Unless you qualify for an exemption there will be a fee of £593 payable to the court when your divorce papers are filed. In more complex cases there may be additional court fees or disbursements payable.  We will advise you whether it is appropriate to seek a full or partial contribution to these costs from your former spouse/civil partner.

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